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Conference Organization & Scientific Events


Conference Organization & Scientific Events

Our specialized team offers services which cover all the needs and demands of an event. We handle your events,
undertaking planning and implementation, thus simplifying your work and giving your special event the
attention it deserves.

Within the services we provide the following:

• Administrative support services
• Event design
• Venue search and booking
• Guided tours
• Marketing
• Financial administration
• Web site creation/design
• Online and printed advertisement
• Suggestions, editing and production of conference material
• Accommodation
• Travel & Transport
• Conducted Tours
• VIP services
• Administration of online registration
• Management of conference sessions
• Editing & publication of proceedings
• Editing & publication of book abstracts
• Social and Themed events
• Audiovisual and technical equipment
• Press Conference
• Awards ceremony
• Gift suggestions
• Statistical analysis and assessment

Company Meetings


Consistent with your demands, we blend all the ingredients of a remarkable event, specifically tailored to yours and your
client’s needs. We deliver top quality services, capturing your vision and ensuring the success of your event.

The character of these events, but also the way they are “expressed” varies. Through the organization of an educative
conference for your staff or through the organization of an event that will impress everyone

Our services in the area of company events, amongst others include:
• Conferences
• Training seminars
• Company theme events
• Product presentations
• Meetings
• Gala dinners
• Press conferences

Themed Events


The style of your event relies exclusively on you.

We utilize your unique viewpoint to put together any custom event, no matter how unconventional.

Social events – concerts – festivals – galas – parties

You choose the occasion you want to celebrate and our highly trained team takes care of all the details!

Audiovisual Equipment


Our office partners with a team of specialized audiovisual professionals to cover the technical demands of any event. We supply
you with cutting edge technology and are equipped to resolve any technical challenge that may arise during the course of your
event, as we are at your side throughout the duration of the event.

Audiovisual coverage and technical support

• Audio equipment
• Projective equipment
• Lighting
• Image & sound reception system
• Codification of material either hardcopy or soft copy
• Translation equipment
• Projection of e-posters
• Technical support
• Live

Videoconference gives you the opportunity to communicate, in real time, with people who are in two or more different places. This type of communication involves video, sound and data exchange, thus simulating face to face interaction.

Barcode System
Via our up to date Barcode system, not only can you achieve full control of the flow of the conference at any time, but you can also monitor the turnout of the conferrers. At the completion of the conference you have a complete view concerning the time of attendance per conferrer, a statistical analysis of attendance per speaker, delivery of attendance certificates with no waiting time, in accordance to the conferrers’ time of attendance.

Live Streaming
With this service, your event can be broadcasted live via the internet. Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular these days since it maximizes the revenue potential of a conference, by allowing conferrers to remotely attend and participate in the event.
Live streaming will save you time, space and ultimately optimize the cost and revenue of your event, while enhancing the conference experience for your attendees.

Media Coverage & Press Conference Organization


• Publications in academic journals
• Media coverage & press conferences

-Organizing the press conference
-Inviting the press
-Editing & sending a press release to the media (newspapers, radio, TV, press agencies& the internet)
-Media coverage (release of the conference’s reports and of a photo gallery to magazines, newspapers, related organizations and institutions)

• Photo shoots of the press conference
• Binding of publications from newspapers, news agencies and the internet
• Advertising campaign through email, social media, text message and newsletters

Travel Services


Air and ferry tickets
We take on air and ferry ticket issuance to any destination worldwide, for either group or single commute.

Through our partner network, we have access to the most convenient hotels and are able to arrange your accommodation for the lowest possible price.

Congressional Tourism
• Incentives
• Excursions
Booking of guided tours at cost effective prices that are in harmony with the nature of your events, weather it is of scientific, social or leisure content.

Ground Transportation
We provide services for group or single person transportation.

Medical / Scientific Administrative Support Services


Keeping in mind the scarcity of your time and the increased demands of the peer-reviewed publication industry, we are now offering a new service that consists of scientifically trained staff who can provide administrative support specific to or your scientific and research activities.
Publications in peer-reviewed academic journals

Managing Submission Step

• Checking and formatting according to the guidelines/directives of the respective journal
• Inserting bibliography in your manuscript via an automated reference manager software
• Formatting of charts and images
• Online manuscript circulation and checking of its final form from the co-authors
• Circulation and collecting signatures for the conflicts of interest statement and the ICMJE forms
• Manuscript submission to the journal
• Continuous status check of the manuscript

Revision Step

• Checking and formatting of the revised manuscript and letter of revisions
• Submission of revised manuscript to the journal
• Continuous status check of the manuscript

Production Step

• Proofs. Checking, in collaboration with the main author of the manuscript, concerning the correctness of the text, bibliography, charts and images it contains.
• Charges. Direct communication with the journal and settling the way of payment of the manuscript

Abstracts in International and Pan-Hellenic Conferences
• Checking and formatting of the abstract according to the guidelines/directives of the respective conference
• Online submission of the abstract
• Result check
• Formatting of the poster
• Poster printout

PhD Dissertations
• Formatting PhD dissertations
• Inserting bibliography via an automated reference manager software
• PhD Dissertations printout
• PhD Dissertations binding

Advertisement Services


In close consultation with you, we design and implement an advertising campaign tailored to your needs and appropriate for the context of your institution. Experienced graphic designers and computer programmers staff our creative department providing:

• Websites
• Visual website design
• Corporate identity design (logos, business cards, DL files??, stationery)
• Announcements of scientific and social events
• Promotions, events
• Designing and producing advertising handouts & directories?
• Advertisement photography
• Publication of your ads in printed press, such as magazines and newspapers
• International dissemination of your ad campaign

Static & Dynamic Web Sites


• Guaranteed copyright of domain name
• Web hosting
• Entry in most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)
• Visual design proposals from our experienced graphic designers
• Website design for the introduction of your company (profile, company history, ways of communication)
• Website design for the presentation of your company’s products or services
• Website design in two languages (Greek, English)
• Technical support



Our company has experienced typists at its disposal who know blind typing and can undertake typing and editing

• Greek and English texts
• Books
• Translations
• Scanning of books and documents
• Subtitling of videos
• Transcriptions
• Promotional journalism



Our experienced and highly trained staff can guarantee a quality result

• Formal certified translations
• Technical, medical, legal, literary texts
• Book translations
• Thesis and doctoral thesis translations
• Conference interpreting
• Degrees
• Documents
• Certificates
• Websites